Email Marketing

There is a lot of company that uses email marketing. Email marketing is a comment marketing company used by all those big companies that try to sell you a product. Not many small companies would use email marketing as the cost of this marketing strategy is very high. They prefer to run ads on social media platforms and search engines such as Google. It would cost you around anything from $70 to $75 for 5000 emails. Some companies provide “discount” for their users $600 to $800 for 100,000 emails. If you are just starting your business online as your side income $600 to $800 would be a big investment for you.


When I was browsing through Google for cheap email marketing this website pop up: Pabbly. I click on the ads and saw that they offer a lot cheaper than the market. It would only cost you $179 for 100,000 emails. Pabbly Email Marketing is specially made for those that just start up their business online or local. Their email targeting provides a function call geographical target which helps that local offline businesses to target sending their promotion email at a certain area. They are currently giving out a 30%Promotion for new users. Pabbly 30%OFF Promotion Link: Save that hard-earned money for more purpose.

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